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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a complete whole-body approach to rehabilitation that uses bio-physical means to improve your ability to do every activity required to live an independent, happy, and hopeful life despite your diagnosis, injury, ailment, altered abilities, and/or illness.

Why choose occupational therapy for your rehabilitation?


Occupational therapy practitioners are trained in applied neurological science, physical orthopedic and soft tissue injuries of the whole body,  alternative pain management techniques, medical conditions, cardiovascular system and other major systems of the body, and mobility of the upper and lower body. 

By using massage and stretching techniques, assessment of muscle imbalance, neuromuscular communication, exercise and activity, as well as use of general modalities, occupational therapy practitioners offer a treatment plan that addresses everything you need.       


Based on research and best practices, occupational therapy practitioners understand the most efficient means of rehabilitation that yields the most lasting results are relevant and collaborative treatment plans as well as the ability to address the entire person.  In one plan of care, we address biological and physical symptoms, psychological and social elements, functional implications (what meaningful activities are being affected), and the environmental spaces of each patient. 


Occupation means meaningful activity. A meaningful activity can be any activity in your life that you deem meaningful – sleeping, walking, climbing stairs, getting into and out of your house, driving, socializing with your friends without chronic pain, getting dressed, bathing, going to the bathroom, living in your own home, managing your own medications, getting up and down from your favorite chair, the list goes on! A hybrid approach to occupational therapy addresses your problem area and ensures you can do what you find meaningful! 

What is our approach to outpatient occupational therapy?

Buffalo Occupational Therapy practitioners are experts in occupational therapy practices making us the number one occupational therapy practice to call for complete bio-physical-psycho-social rehabilitation.

Specialized Areas of Practice

As community-based outpatient occupational therapy practitioners, we can address many areas of physical function and functional performance skills. With each of our specialized areas of practice, we seek to create individualized treatment plans that are highly efficient,  collaborative, comprehensive, and always relevant to your daily life.

Problems We Help

Buffalo Occupational Therapy offers services for adults 18+ who have been impacted by a recent diagnosis, injury, surgery, chronic illness, ailment causing generalized weakness, recent hospitalization and much more. From the comprehensive evaluation to our maintenance program that ensures maximum results have been achieved, Buffalo Occupational Therapy is the exception to rehabilitation.

Conditions We Treat

Buffalo Occupational Therapy offers comprehensive treatment plans for many conditions. Whether it’s orthopedic, soft tissue injury, chronic pain, recent stroke or traumatic brain injury, recent diagnosis of progressive illness, cardiovascular event, and much more. Buffalo Occupational Therapy addresses your diagnoses and ensures you are able to complete all activities that are important to you!

People We Help

Because of the vast scope of practice of occupational therapy and the core function of making every day life as safe, accessible, and independent as possible for all persons of every level of ability, you will find occupational therapists working with a variety of people. These people include individuals, caregivers, social workers, case managers, small businesses, assisted living facilities and senior apartments.

Our Hybrid Model

By leveraging the full scope of occupational therapy practice, our hybrid model approach offers a complete biophysical-psychosocial-neurocognitive approach to healing and recovery. This means that we help your physical symptoms through traditional means of rehabilitation (stretching, exercises, modalities,  manual therapy) and then we apply it to your daily life to ensure maximum results! 

Neurological Rehabilitative Approach

Buffalo Occupational Therapy uses a neuro centered approach and neurological perspective for all areas of recovery. We believe the brain and its ability to communicate with every area of your body, especially the site of injury, is crucial to recovery and maintaining your results. By incorporating neuromuscular re-education throughout every treatment session, our practitioners maximize your body’s ability to adapt and heal the way it was designed to do!

What should you expect as a

patient or client?  

  • One-on-one attention from the first evaluation throughout the term of your maintenance program.
  • Open lines of communication between you and your therapist. If something is not working or you are frustrated with your progress, we re-evaluate your plan or care or alter our approach so you feel you are maximizing your time spent in therapy
  • Hope. Our therapists see hope and therapeutic potential when most give up on functional return. By studying, researching, and thinking outside of the box – our therapists are set apart from all other clinics. 
  • Be ready to always maximize your potential. By identifying your strengths and implementing those into every treatment session, outcomes are easier to see. 
  • A whole-body approach. Occupational therapists address biophysical symptoms, psychological-social symptoms, neurological-communication and cognitive symptoms as well as function-based/environment implications. Because we are trained in the whole body, we are the best solution for recovery. 

Do we accept Referrals?

Buffalo Occupational Therapy accepts self-referrals through

direct access as well as referrals and prescriptions for 

occupational therapy services from medical providers, 

specialists, and Chiropractors. Because we know how 

important it is to get started in occupational therapy right

away, we work with our patients to obtain the necessary

signatures and referrals for maximum insurance coverage. 


Referring to Buffalo Occupational Therapy is simple! 


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