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Problems We Help You Solve

There are many problems we help at Buffalo Occupational Therapy. We offers services for adults 18+ who have been impacted by a recent diagnosis, injury, surgery, chronic illness, ailment causing generalized weakness, recent hospitalization and much more. From the comprehensive evaluation to our maintenance program that ensures maximum results have been achieved, Buffalo Occupational Therapy is the exception to rehabilitation. 

Early Memory Problems

Whether you are becoming more forgetful, have a family history of memory disorders, or you want to be proactive. We can offer you a screen, cognitive action steps, and recommendations. 

Mobility and Falling

Mobility is essential for independence. Improving the ability to walk, climb stairs, and get up and down easier improves quality of life. 

Balance, Standing and Joint Stability

Standing tolerance, upper and lower body joint stability, and balance are all necessary to mobility and independence in daily activities. 

Community Mobility

Everyone needs socialization and to get out and about! Learning how to manage in the community after a medical event is challenging! Curbs, stairs, public transportation, crossing the road, etc. are all things we work on!

Remaining Independent in your Home

Aging in place or remaining in your own home after an injury, diagnosis, or medical event is important. Learning how the skills necessary to remain independent is something occupational therapy addresses.

Planning, Reasoning, and Organization

Executive function can often be impaired in aging, in certain diagnoses, or after a traumatic neurological event. Neurocognitive strategies can help you learn to compensate for these challenges.

Personal Care

Eating, dressing, bathing, getting to the toilet, toilet hygiene, grooming, and walking are all crucial elements of personal care. 

Activities for Independence

Caring for people and pets, shopping, driving, meal prep, managing your medications, and more! Being independent is much more than just personal care!

Household Activities

You’re home. Now what? We will help you lear or re-learn household activities including laundry, vacuuming, sweeping, making your bed, meal preparation and much more!

Working and Returning to Work

If you have had a recent injury or have been delayed in seeking employment. Occupational therapy can offer vocational rehabilitation to help you get back to doing what you love!

Other services of Buffalo Occupational Therapy include:

Holistic Client-Centered Treatment Plans

OT is a part of the complimentary alternative medicine (CAM) approach to treatment and recovery. Holistic medicine means looking at the whole person. It is not just your muscles/bones that lead to successful rehabilitation, but looking at cognitive, mental, emotional, neurological, sensory, physical, environment, etc. One of the main approaches Occupational Therapy uses is the  Person-Environment-Occupation model because it promotes the maximization and efficiency in therapy. 

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Basic Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Instrumental ADLs Training

According to the occupational therapy practice framework Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) include bathing/showeringtoileting and toilet hygiene, dressing, swallowing/eating, functional mobility, personal device care, personal hygiene and grooming, sexual activity. In other words, activities of daily living are activities fundamental to taking care of one’s own life. Instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) include care of others (including selecting and supervising caregivers), care of pets, child rearing, communication Management, driving and community mobility, financial management, health management and maintenance, home establishment and management, meal preparation and cleanup, religious and spiritual activities and expression, safety and emergency maintenance, and shopping. IADLs are activities required to support daily life at home and community (AOTA 2014).

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Home Assessments and Home Modifications

 Buffalo Occupational Therapy performs home safety assessments for older adults desiring to age in their own homes or caregivers welcoming their aged family members into their home and want to ensure a safetransition. These services may be covered by insurance if performed in conjunction with an occupational therapy treatment plan. 

Chronic Illness Management and Education

Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants are skilled in equipping individuals with the tools necessary for the prevention of further decline, activity analysis and modification, physical rehabilitation, and psychosocial interventions. Because of their generalist knowledge, occupational therapy plays a critical role in helping older adults live with chronic illnesses including rheumatoid arthritis, general arthritis, chronic pain, obesity, diabetes, stroke, and more.

Do we accept Referrals?

Buffalo Occupational Therapy accepts self-referrals through

direct access as well as referrals and prescriptions for 

occupational therapy services from medical providers, 

specialists, and Chiropractors. Because we know how 

important it is to get started in occupational therapy right

away, we work with our patients to obtain the necessary

signatures and referrals for maximum insurance coverage. 


Referring to Buffalo Occupational Therapy is simple! 


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