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Kinesiology Taping

What is Kinesiology Taping?

Kinesiology tape (KT tape) was specifically designed to provide its benefits without impeding movement, which makes this modality highly effective in allowing your body to heal that way it wants and is designed to heal. There are many benefits to kinesiology tape! Kinesiology tape provides muscle support and comforting tactile input without requiring restrictive taping and/or use of a splint/immobilizer. Another benefit of kinesiology tape is  reduced swelling and bruising. With accurate application, kinesiology tape lifts the skin creates a sub-dermal vacuum which means it enlarges the interstitial space allowing increased circulation and greater efficiency throughout one’s lymphatic system. Some of the other benefits of kinesiology taping include, but are not limited to: decreased pain from dystonia, pain from chronic nerve compression syndromes in neck, back, hips, arms, and legs, relief from muscle spasms, and decreased recovery time after muscle injury.

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What should you expect when receiving KT Tape?

  • Pain associated with orthopedic trauma, joint pain, stress/trigger points, and generalized chronic ailments such as plantar fasciitis and bunions can cause critical restrictions to every day meaningful activities (occupations), an occupational therapist will assess if you are an appropriate candidate for this modality.
  • A ‘test strip’ will be placed for 24-48 hours to ensure you do not display any type of reaction to the latex-free, acrylic-based adhesive. 
  • A plan of care and home exercise program will be established to use in conjunction with the kinesiology taping modality. Because nothing is an ‘instant cure’, kinesiology tape is only used in conjunction with a commitment-based treatment plan to maximize your rehabilitative results. 
  • An individual is usually taped, at most, once weekly to determine the best treatment practices. 

Why choose Buffalo Occupational Therapy for Kinesiology Taping?


  • Immediate appointment scheduling with accommodating appointment times.
  • Buffalo Occupational Therapy practitioners have an education and continued competencies in functional evaluations with the subsequent assignment of appropriate adaptive equipment and durable medical equipment that will maximize independence and quality of life. 
  • We don’t make recommendations that are not necessary as we understand financial constraints and seek to maximize all resources. 
  • An NYS board-registered Occupational Therapy Practitioner can provide a comprehensive functional evaluation to determine your need for kinesiology taping. Although KT practice does not require a special certification, the evaluating therapist will have official credentials and training using this modality to ensure best practice is administered. 
  • Competent, professional, and high-quality occupational therapy practitioners available to meet your needs 
  • All of our occupational therapy practitioners have monthly competency requirements including seminars, classes, testing, and research article reading. 


Other Specialized

Areas of Practice

Upper Body and Lower Body Rehabilitation

In order to be functional experts, occupational therapists are fully trained in human anatomy- both upper body and lower body rehabilitation strategies and techniques. This allows us to address upper body and lower body diagnoses, posture, balance deficits, and more. We use various treatment methods such as exercises, stretching, training in body mechanics, massage and manipulation, endurance and stamina activities, stair climbing, walking training, and modalities such as e-stim, vibration, cold, and heat. 

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation helps you get back to doing what you love and find meaningful. If you have recently experienced a traumatic medical event, been given a diagnoses affecting your livelihood, or have a loved one needing support and training to enter the work-field for the first time, Buffalo Occupational Therapy can provide vocational rehabilitation for a reasonable cost. 

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Current research has revealed the human body goes through enough changes over the age 65 to demand a unique approach to medicine and rehabilitation. Buffalo Occupational Therapy uses a Neuro Therapeutic approach partnered with their knowledge of human development to treat older adults through Geriatric Rehabilitation. 

Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation uses a variety of techniques and methods to promote neuroplasticity, neuronal re-patterning, and return of function to enhance daily living. It is used to help those who have  been diagnosed with Neuro-related illness, like Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, or Multiple Sclerosis,  suffered a stroke, brain injury, or spinal cord injury.

Kinesiology Taping

Buffalo Occupational Therapy is specialized in applying kinesiology taping techniques to the skin in order to enhance neural plasticity, support recovery, offer joint support, reduce chronic pain, decrease nerve pain,  and help correct muscle imbalances.

Adaptive and Durable Medical Equipment

Buffalo Occupational Therapy offers specialized advice on appropriate adaptive equipment and durable medical equipment for aging  in place as well as maximizing independence when living with a progressive disease or chronic illness. Offering low-cost options to address your concerns is something we pride ourselves on, and if we can't offer you a solution, we will find someone who can! 

Functional Rehabilitation

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Environment and Home Assessments

Ensuring your personal physical environment and home environment is accessible and safe is just one area of occupational therapy practice. Buffalo Occupational Therapy is specialized in assessing your physical symptoms and needs and applying this information to creating a livable environment both now and throughout the course of your diagnosis. Occupational therapists seek to maximize independence to keep you living in the place of your choice.

Cognitive Therapy and Dual Tasking

Buffalo Occupational Therapy has a special focus in neuroanatomy and what each area of the brain controls in terms of information processing, functional performance, and executing gross mobility. Where many other practices only work on mobility or only work on cognition, Buffalo OT is the only practice in Western New York, addressing both needs in one plan of care. Dual tasking and cognitive therapy is an area BOT feels very confident in addressing as we have seen amazing therapy outcomes. 

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