What is Outpatient Occupational Therapy?

Outpatient Occupational Therapy can differ based on where you go, the training of your therapist, and what challenges and goals you have. Occupational therapists use science and knowledge about how the body works, along with understanding your personal goals, to create a plan that tackles the core issues you’re facing. The aim is to help you get back to or keep doing the things that are important to you in your daily life. 

Adrianna Brown, MS, OTR/L is an Occupational Therapist specializing in neurological rehabilitation

Buffalo Occupational Therapy Approach

Moving Beyond Clinical Care

Buffalo Occupational Therapy has expanded its services beyond traditional clinical care by offering comprehensive neurological management programs while maintaining partnerships with various insurance providers for reimbursement.

Brainwaves Long Distance Neurological Rehabilitation Management

Brainwaves of America™

Neurological Management Program

Traditional Neurological Therapy New York

Traditional Neurological Therapy

In-person physical, cognitive, and mobility training