Michelle C. Eliason

Founder of Aging with Purpose LLC 

Occupational Therapy Director – Buffalo Occupational Therapy


Current Credentials and Affiliations 

Registered and NYS Licensed Occupational Therapist (OTR/L)

CARES Dementia Specialist (C.D.S.)

Certified Kinesiology Taping Specialist (CKTS)

NBCOT Certification – Older Adult Designation (2019)

American Occupational Therapy Association Member and Advocate (2019)


Michelle Eliason established Aging with Purpose LLC in June 2016 with a sole mission to enable individuals to live in the place of their choice throughout the aging process despite disease, cognitive deficits, injury, de-conditioning or other ailments. After working in the medicare insurance sector for 3+ years, Michelle completed her professional education with a focus on geriatrics.  Michelle and cohorts participated in a community-based research study analyzing the effects of physical activity and home mobility on older adults living independently within the community — they later went on to win first place in a NY research-based competition. Post-graduation, Michelle began working as a clinician within the institutionalized long term care setting and later went on to become the Director of Rehab (DOR) of a 100 bed facility. The combination of experience both pre-professional and clinical revealed crucial needs being unaddressed in the community for older adults. With perpetual re-admissions and endless preventable injuries, Michelle began her journey as an independent practitioner and senior community consultant.

Aging with Purpose LLC began as a consulting organization to maximize quality of life among seniors living in senior apartment communities and later became a three-tier initiative offering direct patient care, senior program creation and execution, and support services for caregivers of elderly parents. Michelle has personal experience being a secondary caregiver for a family member affected by the progressive symptoms of Alzheimer’s and has personally witnessed and experienced the emotional effects of living in a multi-generational household where multiple individuals have special needs. Because of this first-hand experience, Michelle strives to treat each family member and patient with the same devotion she has for her own family. By establishing community relationships, continuing education and gaining continued competencies, Michelle desires to partner every person with the tools, resources, and referrals necessary to age in the place of their choice.  

In 2018, Buffalo Occupational Therapy PLLC was created to address the rehabilitation and restorative needs of the Western New York community. The problem is that too many rehabilitation clinics see multiple people at once. Someone is given a sheet of paper with exercises to do both at home and during in-clinic sessions– because occupational therapy is holistic, we believe gains cannot be made unless the therapuetic process remains client-centered and collaborative. This can’t happen if the practitioner has divided attention between 2-5 people. The occupational therapy clinic was born in West Seneca, NY where 1:1 ratios are always maintained. It is our mission to maintain an environment of hope. Buffalo Occupational Therapy and the clinicians thereof beleive ‘there is always hope’. Whether chronic pain, progressive neurolgical disorder, orthopedic/muscle disturbances, there is always a solution grounded in evidence-base or research-supported interventions. 


“As for me, I will always have hope…..” Psalm 71:14


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Michelle Eliason The Buffalo Occupational Therapist

Michelle Eliason, MS, OTR/L, C.D.S., CKTS

Founder of Aging with Purpose LLC

Owner of Buffalo Occupational Therapy PLLC