Buffalo Occupational Therapy [BOT] Resources for students and practitioners is the #1 treatment ideas and documentation resource for OT-performed treatments and practice both online and in-person! Can’t come to open labs at the studio? That’s okay! Head to our online BOT Portal where you will find ‘BOT Bytes’ of treatment ideas, training, and ideas to use the entire OT scope of practice!

Treatment Videos

Never go without treatment ideas again!! If you work with the adult population, BOT Resources offers treatment videos with clinical rationale! What’s better? ALL OF OUR TREATMENT IDEAS have been tried and tested in our outpatient occupational therapy studio where OT practices are our priority!

Clinical Reasoning

Applying clinical reasoning and rationale to your treatment plans is difficult! BOT resources help break down the treatment into its parts and then they help you apply the occupational therapy framework and occupation-based reasoning to your documentation! When you know why you are doing something, you can help others see the crucial part OT plays in the rehabilitative process!

Practice Skills

Buffalo Occupational Therapy provides access to their clinic in the evening through BOT Open Labs. Open Learning Labs in the studio are for students and practitioners of occupational therapy looking for hands-on experience and certification preparation quizzes! Hands-on practice is a must in order to be a competent practitioner. 

Grading Up and Down

As an occupational therapy practitioner, it is essential that you master the art of grading an activity up or down. In other words, it’s our job to find the ‘just right challenge’. The treatment videos in The BOT Portal will give you strategies to grade the activity. During our in-person open labs, you will be encouraged to adapt to your client’s needs during a simulated treatment demonstration.

Treatments for Diagnoses

An occupational therapy practitioner can work with adults in a variety of practice settings. Depending on the practice setting, you will be required to use different intervention approaches based on the diagnoses and severity of symptom presentation. In both in-person Open Labs and online treatment Portal, Buffalo Occupational Therapy resources help refine your approach per diagnosis. 

Buffalo Occupational Therapy Resources

for Students and Practitioners

Buffalo Occupational Therapy [BOT] is a training occupational therapy outpatient facility for students and practitioners to elevate their practice and design occupational therapy interventions and activities using their full scope of practice. BOT Resources offers in-person “Open Labs” to get hands-on practice and take practice certification quizzes, an online database of treatments and resource through ‘The Portal”, and training on how to start and run your own occupational therapy clinic through “Own iT : OT”.  Whether you are an occupational therapy students, a new practitioner, or a veteran in occupational therapy looking to start your own OT venture – Buffalo Occupational Therapy is the #1 resource for occupational therapy practitioners.

What resources does BOT offer? 

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In-Person Clinical Application Practice and Certification Test Prep for Occupational Therapy students and new practitioners

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Online  resources for occupational therapy practitioners working with adults : videos of interventions and activities, clinical reasoning, original interventions by diagnosis, and ways to grade activities

own it ot startup resources (2)

Occupational Therapists or Occupational Therapy Assistants starting their own business resources and training to earn multiple streams of revenue with your degree. 

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Buffalo Occupational Therapy [BOT] Open Labs is an in-person training experience for occupational therapy practitioners, new grads, and students of occupational therapy (OT or OTA). Open Labs take place in the evening at the Buffalo Occupational Therapy outpatient studio in West Seneca, NY. Activities include simulated case studies, feedback, training, and certification practice quizzes. 

Buffalo Occupational Therapy [BOT] Online Intervention and Resource Portal is the #1 online resource for original, evidence-based occupational therapy intervention ideas and videos, documentation examples, theory, training videos, and much more. The Portal through BOT gives the one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn how to practice in adult physical dysfunction practice areas using the full occupational therapy scope of practice.

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own it ot startup resources (2)

If you are interested in starting your own occupational therapy practice, Michelle Eliason, MS, OTR/L has built a program that will help you achieve your own OT business with multiple streams of revenue.  If you are feeling burned out from working in various ‘systems’, OT entrepreneurship may be your future! Not only does Own iT: OT offer videos and resources, but Michelle Eliason offers mentorship as you take your business from concept to functioning within months! You too can achieve your dreams!! 

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