Highest Quality Companion Care Services in Western New York

BOT Companion Care Services are proof that high quality services can exist and be reliable and effective. You and your loved ones will receive services from board-certifified and registered occupational therapy practitioners who have state-tested licensures in improving and maintaining physical, cognitive, neurological, behavioral, and mental functions throughout the lifespan in order to maintain independence within the place of your choice instead of feeling like assisted living and nursing home is “the only path”.

Choosing clinical community OT partners instead of traditional companion care aides or “sitters” will give you the peace you need that you or your loved ones are receiving the care, guidance, resources, and services you deserve. BOT Clinical is a neurolgoical and physical restorative outpatient practice with two locations where. we specialize in working with progressive neurological conditions and other neurological traumas to bring hope and healing to people who felt they could not see improvements. This includes diagnoses like Parkinson’s Disease, Supranuclear Palsy, Cortical Basal Ganglionic Degeneration, Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimer’s and other Dementias, stroke, and more.

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Hypothetical Timeline

"I need help".

Acknowledging support in the home is needed is a hard step. We know that this is a very important decision. As you explore options, know that BOT is here for you and your loved one as highly specialized neurological practitioners. These practitioners offer highly skilled companion care services and support for all involved.

Schedule an initial evaluation with BOT

[Typically covered by Occupational Therapy benefit through insurance]. BOT’s Clinical Companion Care program is specialized for those with degenerative neurological conditions (motor-based) and memory disorders like Alzheimer’s and other dementias. We believe companion services offered should be skilled hours from a practitioner trained to maximize mobility and memory while facilitating maximum social engagement in every activities and leisure. This requires an established plan of care with our clinical functional practitioners prior to beginning services.

6 Week Clinical Commitment

[Typically covered by Occupational Therapy benefit through insurance]. Based on the needs determined by our specialized evaluating practitioners, the client will be required to engage in at least 6 weeks of weekly services in-clinic to focus on improving and maximizing function (physical strength, endurance, and balance, perception, memory, communication, etc). This allows the client and care team to establish a relationship, increase understanding of how to best support the client at home, and ensures the personalities between client and clinicians are positive and helpful.  During this time, a home-based plan is created.

Choose Dates and Pay First Week's Fees

After three sessions, the practitioner will discuss clinical companion care services. You will choose dates for at least 2 weeks and pay the first two week’s fees at the time of booking. Due to security and business needs, BOT requires services paid for the following 2 weeks at all times. Use of clinical services demands a minimum of four hours on each day that is selected. If in-home therapy is performed on this day, that will be a separate charge to your insurance company and you will be responsible for the copay.

Transition to In-Home Services

After the 6-week clinical commitment is complete, you will be transitioning to clinical companion care services. If you require continued therapy, these will continue in home on days your companion services are scheduled. If you have met your goals and you and  your clinical team decide therapy is no longer necessary, only companion care services will be conducted going forward with regular check-ins from your Functional Clinical Provider (Occupational Therapist).

Registered Occupational Therapist [Functional Movement and Memory Specialist) Check-Ins

Your clinical community-based OT provider (

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