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"I will never go back to doing OT any other way. My entire outlook transformed when I started using the full scope of occupational therapy."

Michelle Eliason

What is the BOT Portal Mentorship & Resource Experience?

Connect self-paced mentorship course  is included in both memberships and consists of video trainings, action steps, and community.

The experience is a partnership between a course, layers of support, and a comprehenisve OT resource portal including treatment videos, documentation rationale, and printables.

Mentorship for every practice setting, OT, OTA, and students.

Seeking students and practitioners who want passion in their career while using their full scope of practice.

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The Mission

I commit to creating and maintaining a world that connect the international OT community around a common goal of clinical excellence using the full scope of practice to which we are entitled. This includes maintaining our role as an AOTA approved provider of continuing education, our participation in outpatient clinical practice, and our involvement in OT advocacy.

Member Testimonials

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Stephanie H
Occupational Therapist
New Graduate
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Occupational Therapist
Inpatient Occupational Therapy / Cancer Rehabilitation
“My favorite part about BOT is growing and talking in a community of OTs striving to learn more about being more holistic in care and not being afraid to use all the parts of the OTPF in actual practice! I have learned to not be afraid of standing, walking, dynamic balance, or other types of “PT” Movements because it does help my patients reach their goals”.
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Chrissy A
Occupational Therapist
Pediatric Outpatient

“I love having the ability to brainstorm clinical problems with people I don’t work with, and access to a ton of treatment information. I have learned to expand my ability to treat physically involved patients and be confident in my knowledge that OT is more than just sitting at a table doing fine motor skills.”

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Lauren F.
Occupational Therapist
Skilled Nursing Facility