Michelle has recorded 12+ video trainings for Connect course to offer you the opportunity to have Michelle as a mentor while also going at your own pace.

Connect is a self-paced course with layers of support.

Connect course is included with Thrive as well.

BOT Portal is included with both (resources and training).

BOT Portal uses “gamification” allowing users to gain BOT coins, badges, and achievements while making friends, and building community.

How do you join the BOT Portal mentorship memberships??

Step 1

Desire to Grow

Step 2

Choose a Program

Step 3

Commit One Year

Step 4

Lifetime Access to Reduced Price

Stage 1

Master the Content

‘Mastering the Content’ takes you on a journey through the content housed on the BOT Portal for the purpose of application. Whether you are student or a practitioner, this first unit will walk you through available resources, clinical mindset when applying these resources and give your journal questions to explore as you move through this unit. You can share all of your responses, comments, questions, feedback in your closed community group on Facebook or your Marco Polo “Portal” community: 3-9 students/practitioners with whom to foster a professional network. Michelle gives you access to core training to ensure you are firm in your OT perspective.

Stage 2

Collaborate Intraprofessionally

‘Collaborate Intraprofessionally’ is purposed to build what BOT believes is of paramount importance to succeeding in occupational therapy and improving quality of life as a practitioner whether you are a student or 25 years into the profession. Let’s face it, burnout is real! We must depend on each other for support, encouragement, and joint contribution to excellence. That’s what this unit will foster! You will have goals that encourage you to (1) Establish Community (2) Ask clinical and education-based questions (3) Answer other’s questions (4) Share personal experiences through guided prompts.

Stage 3

Communicate Clearly and Competently

‘Communicate Clearly and Competently’ is a unit that will establish your ‘voice’ as a practitioner. Have you ever felt nervous to communicate your case? your questions? your treatment plan? your value? You are not alone! There are practitioners all over the world who desire to have a stronger voice in their practice. This is your chance! You will have much opportunity to accomplish these goals in a supported environment while learning how to be a stronger clinician. Some of these opportunities include closed facebook group, Portal groups on Marco Polo, a monthly zoom meeting, weekly Facebook LIVES, and more.

Stage 4

Practice Confidently

‘Practice Confidently’ will guide you through goals that will bring you to a place of confidence in all elements. of clinical practice. By completing the goals throughout this course, the student and/or practitioner will naturally find themselves in a place of leadership. During this stage you, you will be given opportunities to lead discussion, discuss the potential to mentor others, and work towards discussing how you can use all of the information you learned throughout the year to foster the same skills in others. Most of all, you will be confident in application and advocacy of your full occupational therapy scope of practice.


PLUS Access to the entire BOT Resource Portal and PDFs!

Member Testimonials

Stephanie H
Occupational Therapist
New Graduate
Occupational Therapist
Inpatient Occupational Therapy / Cancer Rehabilitation
“My favorite part about BOT is growing and talking in a community of OTs striving to learn more about being more holistic in care and not being afraid to use all the parts of the OTPF in actual practice! I have learned to not be afraid of standing, walking, dynamic balance, or other types of “PT” Movements because it does help my patients reach their goals”.
Chrissy A
Occupational Therapist
Pediatric Outpatient

“I love having the ability to brainstorm clinical problems with people I don’t work with, and access to a ton of treatment information. I have learned to expand my ability to treat physically involved patients and be confident in my knowledge that OT is more than just sitting at a table doing fine motor skills.”

Lauren F.
Occupational Therapist
Skilled Nursing Facility

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