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Occupational Therapy Intervention Ideas & Resources

The Portal by Buffalo Occupational Therapy is the treating therapist’s first choice for a growing resource of original content, training videos, treatment videos showcasing occupational therapy interventions and activities as well as providing clinical rationale to elevate your practice! The best part? Buffalo Occupational Therapy teaches you how to confidently use your full scope of practice.

An occupational therapy practitioner and student can approach the full body in adult physical dysfunction and The Portal seeks to help you address your patient’s needs using evidence-based practice according to the entire occupational therapy scope of practice. 

Are you ready to be the Registered Occupational Therapist or Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant that every patient asks for by name? Take your practice to the next level!

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Read all about the benefits of joining The Portal! It is our commitment to you to continue to post new resources, evolve with research, and always bring you cutting edge treatment approaches to occupational therapy.

Buffalo Occupational Therapy [BOT] Online Intervention and Resource Portal is the #1 online resource for original, evidence-based occupational therapy intervention ideas and videos, documentation examples, theory, training videos, and much more. The Portal through BOT gives the one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn how to practice in adult physical dysfunction practice areas using the full occupational therapy scope of practice.

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Buffalo Occupational Therapy [BOT] brings to you an original and one-of-a-kind FULL BODY course that bridges the major gap of knowledge and application! Don’t settle for not learning how to actually apply what you are learning in school to OT treatments! Take the only OT course taught by an OT clinician and owner of an Adult outpatient practice! This course combines all the RELEVANT information from Functional Anatomy, Kinesiology, Physics, and OT process courses and applies it directly to treatments! Cut out the fluff and get to the meat of our profession with The Bridge: Functional Application of Anatomy for the OT Practitioner.

Plus, receive a 100 page manual and 90 page workbook PDF format included in your cost!!! Learn OT the ‘application’ way!!!

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