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Occupational Therapy Intervention Ideas & Resource Portal

Buffalo Occupational Therapy [BOT] Online Portal is the #1 database for videos showcasing occupational therapy interventions and activities as well as providing clinical rationale to elevate your practice while learning how to use your full scope of practice. An occupational therapy practitioner and student can approach the full body in adult physical dysfunction and geriatric occupational therapy and BOT Online Intervention and Resource Portal seeks to help you address your patient’s needs using evidence-based practice according to the entire occupational therapy scope of practice. Are you ready to be the Registered Occupational Therapist or Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant that every patient asks for by name? Take your practice to the next level!

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How do you access online occupational therapy resources?

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Online  resources for occupational therapy practitioners working with adults : videos of therapeutic interventions and activities, clinical reasoning, original interventions by diagnosis, and ways to grade activities

BOT Occupational Therapy Store

The Occupational Therapy Gift Store is filled with resources and OT gifts. Whether you are choosing to buy a gift or resource for yourself or a special occupational therapy practitioner in your life – BOT OT Gift Store is the one-stop-shop for all things AWESOME Occupational Therapy. 

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The BOT Treatment Portal is for members only and houses video clips of occupational therapy interventions and occupational therapy activity ideas for every place of service. Each video includes clinical rationale, documentation ideas, grading progressions, and applicable diagnoses.

BOT Portal Membership Perks

The BOT Intervention and Resource Portal offers one-of-a-kind benefits to occupational therapy practitioners looks for OT interventions and activities to use with a variety of adult diagnoses. Because all of our content is utilized in our actual outpatient clinic for adult physical dysfunction and wellness, we will always have relevant content being uploaded. 

BOT Training Portal

The BOT Occupational Therapy Training Portal is for members only and houses video training clips for theory, assessments, foundational components of occupational therapy, or information to help you become a cutting-edge whole-body therapy specialist. 


The BOT Education Portal will be filled with content from weekly education classes offered through the Outpatient OT Facebook Group and designed to bridge the gaps between academic lectures and practical application. 


The BOT OTPRENEUR Start-up and Mentorship Program is for occupational therapy practitioners who are serious about making their mark on their community and the profession. It is time for us to explore the full scope of practice in the occupational profession – the BOT OTpreneur program allows you this opportunity.

Buffalo Occupational Therapy [BOT] Online Intervention and Resource Portal is the #1 online resource for original, evidence-based occupational therapy intervention ideas and videos, documentation examples, theory, training videos, and much more. The Portal through BOT gives the one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn how to practice in adult physical dysfunction practice areas using the full occupational therapy scope of practice.

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