Working Memory

What is working memory?

Working memory, often referred to as the brain’s “scratch pad,” is a crucial cognitive function responsible for temporary storage and manipulation of information needed for various cognitive tasks. However, deficits in working memory can significantly impact daily life and are often associated with a range of neurological conditions.

Examples of Working Memory Impairments:

  • Forgetting where you placed commonly used items, such as keys or glasses.
  • Frequently losing track of conversations or forgetting what was just said.
  • Struggling to follow instructions, especially if they involve multiple steps.
  • Difficulty concentrating on tasks for an extended period.
  • Frequently needing reminders about appointments or important dates.
  • Trouble remembering names of people you’ve recently met.
  • Frequently forgetting why you entered a room or what you intended to do.
  • Difficulty remembering passwords or PIN numbers.
  • Frequently misplacing important documents or paperwork.
  • Struggling to recall details from recent events or conversations.
  • Difficulty completing tasks that require keeping multiple pieces of information in mind.
  • Trouble remembering to return phone calls or reply to messages.
  • Difficulty following the plot of a movie or TV show.
  • Trouble organizing thoughts or ideas when speaking or writing.
  • Difficulty remembering important details from reading materials or lectures.

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