Pacemaker Precautions in Occupational Therapy


Download the ‘Pacemaker Precautions’ PDF and patient handout for a graphic of what to pay close attention to after pacemaker insertion. Sometimes it’s difficult to recall some of the key information we must relay to our patients after they undergo a heart event requiring a pacemaker – this is a great handout to give to your patients!


Pacemaker Precautions in Occupational Therapy

This original document is for all occupational therapy students and practitioners searching for a good printable on sternal precautions and pacemaker precautions immediately following a procedure and as your patient goes about their daily life.  In order to be a cutting-edge occupational therapy practitioner, you must know what your patients can and cannot do after having a cardiac procedure! Knowledge is power and this printable is a great place to start! Note: It is important to keep in mind that although these are SOME of the sternal precautions, each doctor may have their own protocol! Always consult with the overseeing physician or surgeon to ensure you are following appropriate precautions for the patient! Download the ‘Pacemaker Precautions in Occupational Therapy’ PDF  a snapshot of some sternal precautions/pacemaker precautions you will see in OT.