Acquired Brain Injury Symptoms Patient Handouts


Download the ‘Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms by Location’  printable to understand what symptoms may appear in your patients after experiencing a traumatic brain injury.


Acquired Brain Injury Symptoms by Location

Patient Handout for Occupational Therapy

This original document is for all occupational therapy students and practitioners searching for a good printable for the most common symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury by injured locations can be used when working in adult physical dysfunction settings. In order to be a cutting-edge occupational therapy practitioner, you must understand the course of your patient’s disease. Identifying all symptoms that must be addressed or remediated is crucial to creating competent and relevant treatments for your patients. Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms by Locations: Brainstem, Cerebellum, Occipital Lobes, Parietal Lobes, Temporal Lobes, Frontal Lobes, and PreFrontal Lobes.

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