Aging and Long Term Care Statistics


Download the ‘Aging and Long Term Care Statistics’ PDF with colorful graphics and references to help explain the need for a greater rehabilitation presence in the community, insurance, Long term care, and care management!


Aging and Long Term Care Statistics 

Aging and Long Term Care Statistics have been compiled by Geriatric Occupational Therapy to assist professionals who find themselves explaining the true cost of aging and long term care. As baby boomers age and the health care and insurance infrastructure remains the same, it is crucial to have a plan! The Aging and Long Term Care Care Statistics tool is colorful, informative, and cited. This document can be printed, laminated, and bound to be used again and again!

Who can benefit from this product? 

  • Insurance Salesman
  • Care Managers
  • Business Management
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Senior Apartment Managers
  • Educators
  • others

What is included with this product? 

  1. 7 Colorful pages making statistics both engaging and understandable
  2. A separate page of cited quotes
  3. References for all information


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