I’ve Fallen Prevention and Recovery Falling Program


Download the ‘I’ve Fallen Prevention and Recovery Program’ pdf pack to have every resource you need to lead a falling prevention class.

I've Fallen: Prevention and Recovery Program

Know the problem. Educate the public. Be the Solution. End the problem.

The 'I've Fallen: Prevention and Recovery' Program combines many of our must-have printable resources! Reminding you of important theories and information like 'The cycle of falling' and 'Life Space', this program is not only informative, but it is user-friendly! Written by an occupational therapist, this program is uniquely designed to be executed by other occupational therapists to help educate the general public and professionals on our profession and usefulness! This program was thoughtfully designed to touch on all important elements of falling prevention and recovery and includes research and a couple of articles to provide necessary background on the topic.

Download the 'I've Fallen : Prevention and Recovery Program' pdf to have quick access to some of the important dates within the occupational therapy profession!

What comes with this program? 

  1. Speaker’s guide and presentation prompts for content
  2. ‘Outline’ printable pdf
  3. ‘The Cycle of Falling’ printable pdf
  4. ‘Alternative pain management takeaways’ printable pdf 
  5. ‘List of Adventures for older adults’ printable pdf 
  6. ‘Self-Assessment after Falling’ printable pdf 
  7. ‘Better your Balance’ printable pdf
  8. ‘Lifespace’ printable pdf 



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