Places of Service in Medical Model

Occupational Therapy

Video Explaining Places of Service in OT

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Places of Service in OT

Occupational Therapy Practices in the Medical Model

The OT scope of practice is huge. We are taught principles and we develop competencies within the medical model and the social model of the medicine, we even exist within psychological frameworks. We are taught that when we graduate we can get a job in any of these sectors as an occupational therapy practitioner. Unfortunately, in 2021, occupational therapy practitioners are reimbursed within the medical model. If you want to be a part of any other lane, and occupational therapy practitioner must be equipped to not only defend and explain the education they received, but they will also be retiring the name of occupational therapy practitioner and picking up the role they are hired for. We are not reimbursed and occupational therapy practitioner salary in any other place setting besides those that lie within the medical model as seen above. This is just reality until we fight to change it. Those “at the top” and most of those in academia are too far removed to speak pragmatically. 

The Place of Service Continuum:

Acute Care: Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, Surgical Unit/Acute Care, Polytrauma

Post-Acute Care: Comprehensive Inpatient or Medical Rehab Unit, Sub-Acute Rehab (SNF), Transitional Residential Treatement

Community-Based Practice Settings: Long-Term Residential Treatment, Skilled Nursing Facility, Home-health, Outpatient and day treatments, home and community based support services, school and vocational services