Work Hardening UB Strengthening

Occupational Therapy Intervention : Work Hardening

Documentation and Activity Rationale

The patient engaged in a dual-tasking activity with an emphasis on visual memory and recall. The task required the patient to receive a 3-part image at point A, ambulate 20 ft while clearing obstacles of various sizes and heights, and recall and draw the image received at Pt A. This activity is purposed to improve the relationship between perceptual processing and encoding, storage, and retrieval of the resulting neural representations after approximately 10 seconds of time-lapse. The patient demonstrated no evidence of LOB or instability. She required between 2-3 repetitions per image with 2-3 verbal cues. 3 step directions are moderately difficult for the patient.

Grading Strategies

Grading Up: 

  • heavier weight

Grading Down: 

  • decreased weight
  • move through ROM before adding weight

Appropriate Diagnoses / Deficits

  • muscle weakness
  • s/p hand and/or wrist surgery
  • CVA
  • TBI