Seated AROM and Mobility – Group

Occupational Therapy Intervention : Group Intervention

Documentation and Activity Rationale

The patient engaged in AAROM of RUE working proximally to distally (shoulder flexion, shoulder abduction, adduction) within 2 planes (15 repetitions each movement) as well as trunk flexion in order to decrease tone, increase strength and mobility, and re-establish correct movement patterns for ongoing independence with ADLs and IADLs important to his quality of life. The patient is noted to have ongoing hemiplegia in RUE and demonstrates elicitation of AROM to approximately 40% of WNL due to continued mm. weakness. 

Grading Strategies

Grading Up: 

  • complete standing 
  • add weighted long-bar to exercise sequence

Grading Down: 

  • decrease repetitions
  • add rest breaks in between sets

Appropriate Diagnoses / Deficits

  • generalized weakness
  • balance deficits (when completed standing)
  • CVA
  • TBI