Functional Hand Strength – Jar Opening

Occupational Therapy Intervention : Functional Hand Strength

Documentation and Activity Rationale

The patient engaged functional hand strengthening activity in which she was tasked with maintaining a spherical grasp against ‘power web’ resistance. The patient completed x2 repetitions of x3 different sized lids in order to increase intrinsic and extrinsic hand musculature and increase participation in patient-specified meaningful activities like opening jars, pop bottles, medicine bottles, containers, and more. 

Grading Strategies

Grading Up: 

  • increase repetitions 
  • increase variability in lid/functional grasp items 

Grading Down: 

  • begin with AROM before adding resistance
  • decrease repetitions 
  • incorporate rest breaks in between each set

Appropriate Diagnoses / Deficits

  • generalized weakness
  • atrophy s/p hand and/or wrist surgery