Memory Obstacle Course

Occupational Therapy Intervention : Dual Tasking

Documentation and Activity Rationale

The patient engaged in a dual-tasking obstacle course designed with alternating (3) hurdles with 6″ rise 2″ run and (3) aerobic steps 8″ rise by 13″ run to simulate various obstacles required during continuous community mobility. The patient was given 2-4 instructions varying between the difficulty of single-step and multi-step commands in order to assess and enhance working memory, topographical orientation, selective attention, sustained attention, and emotional regulation under pressure.

Grading Strategies

Grading Up: 

  • more complex image
  • more hurdles/activity
  • less cues

Grading Down: 

  • remove the hurdles
  • less busy environment

Appropriate Diagnoses / Deficits

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementias
  • Memory Changes
  • Attention deficits [alternating/divided]
  • CVA
  • TBI