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Marketing your Occupational Therapy Private Practice

General Information

Marketing is a crucial component to operating a successful occupational therapy private practice because marketing is what will attract your client and get you paid. Let’s just put that out there right now – getting paid is okay to talk about. You need to get paid and you need to get paid well in order to be available for the people who need you. People will pay for what is important to them. Unfortunately, in the case of a private practice business owner, we have to make sure that our marketing is telling people why occupational therapy is important to them because most of them don’t know. 

You must design your marketing program to hone in on your avatar. Your core client. The person that falls in your niche area. All of these things are connected and all of them are important if you are going to operate a successful business that pays you. 


Branding Your OT Business

+ Curriculum Vitae

+ Business Name and PLLC

+ Fax/Phone/Address

+ Business Bank Account

+ Insurance

+ Administration Preparation


Market Research for your OT Business?

+ Unique Capabilities

+ Best Capabilities

+ Same Capabilities

+ Poor Capabilities


What are the Benefits of OT Business?

+ Online Marketing

        – Website

        – Blogging

        – Social Media

+ In-person Marketing

        – Networking 

        – Volunteer

        – Materials

        – Program Development




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Resources & FAQs

Social media is too hard for me, is it important?

What’s more important – Facebook or Instagram?

With COVID-19, how am I supposed to network with people?

Are business cards important or an unnecessary expense?

I keep seeing Facebook posts about how ‘blogging’ is a waste of time and irrelevant – is that true?

How do I become credible in my community? How do I get to be a leader in what I know?