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Business Planning for an Occupational Therapy Private Practice

General Information

When you are starting an occupational therapy private practice, it is imperative that you plan. Some people will tell you that it is not a critical component when you begin, but that just simply is not true. Especially as an occupational therapy practitioner who works in frameworks, structures, models, and continuums, we understand that without a plan, success could be lost! 

Just like an occupational therapy treatment and treatment continuum, we must be ready to pivot and be flexible in the moment. If you are aren’t giving yourself a destination (goals) and you haven’t recorded your baselines (current tangible and non-tangible assets), then it is going to be very hard for your to modify your approach when something unplanned presents itself! 

Take time to go through this process and put it down on paper! That doesn’t mean it won’t change. My own business plan has changed many times!! The more you know, the more you grow! Write it down!


Developing a Business plan for your OT Business?

+ Framework 

+ Baseline 

+Gives the ability to pivot in the face of barriers

+Foundation for future success

+Allows you to be pragmatic while also being an idealist


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Resources & FAQs

Do I need a business plan if I am trying to start a smaller business, what if it’s just an online resource or something?