Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Experience

Buffalo Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Experience

Why is the Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Experience at BOT different than anywhere else?

  • The OT and OTA Fieldwork Student are partnered together throughout the course of their experience to learn the true dynamic relationship of the OT dyad.
  • Adult Outpatient OT practice in physical and neurological medicine is an emerging practice area
  • OTPs at BOT work on the entire body equally. We are not the arms and we are not ADLs, we do it all.
  • Research and Documentation for treatment planning are essential and paramount in this setting. You will learn how to do and execute both!
  • Social media and advocacy among OT professionals and the general public is mandatory! An occupational therapy practitioner in this world must be bold, competent, and able to communicate their value to others.
  • Students make BOT their ‘home’ for their fieldwork experience. They are able to get comfortable, not be scared of ‘messing up’, and have the ability to try new things with their clients (based on research, of course!)
  • Michelle and Hannah (OT and OTA Supervisors) have a heart for mentorship and a passion for OT

Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Application