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Functional Application for Anatomy in OT Treatments

for Occupational Therapy Practitioners and Students

Kinesiology+Physiology+Functional Anatomy+Treatment Application 

Statement from the Online OT Course Creator 

You can learn more about my clinical experience by checking out my Bio. When I created this online OT course, I designed it to completely cater to the student/clinician who felt lost. Maybe it seemed like you were in two different programs in school when you took your science classes versus when you took your OT classes. Or maybe you got through your entire program and then realized you never actually learned how to ‘treat’ the client for 8-12 weeks…everyday. My greatest desire is that every occupational therapy practitioner feels a secure grasp on their entire scope of practice. It is only when the gap is bridged between academia and clinical application that the profession will be respected and OT will begin to be known as a profession that gets holistic results. This online OT course combines the key elements that I have found most necessary in working with adults in occupational therapy and combines it with research of how to design treatment plans to get results in occupational therapy practice. I hope you enjoy!

– Michelle Eliason, MS, OTR/L

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Do you relate to any of these things? 

  • I didn’t really learn the lower body anatomy
  • I didn’t get a lot of ‘hands-on’ experience with the human anatomy because of COVID-19
  • I am struggling with muscles and movements of the body, how to use that information for a treatment 
  • I know the anatomy pretty well, but I was never taught how to apply that information to a diagnosis for OT interventions
  • I am changing my place setting to an adult setting and I need to refresh my hands-on skills
  • I need to get more comfortable handling the human body so that I can provide therapeutic use of self to the best of my ability 
  • I need a learning resource that allows me the freedom of time, with the liberty to ask questions if something is tough to understand!
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Reviews for The Bridge

Details of Online OT Course

Date: The material will be accessible to you AT YOUR OWN PACE FOR 1 YEAR of acess

Ask Questions: This is an asynchronous learning platform. Submit questions via e-mail, receive answer via video/audio whichever is appropriate posted to website (FAQ page)


  • $224.00

These prices are final. No discounts applied. This program is separate from The Portal though many of the resources found in The Portal will be helpful in your application of this information. There is an option to join The Portal with the Bridge for one year or you can have a separate monthly membership on top of your Bridge enrollment. 

Level of Difficulty: Information requires you have a general working understanding of anatomy, physiology, OTPF terminology and a general idea of treatment application in OT. 

Who: Occupational Therapy (OT/OTA) students and practitioners looking for additional instruction on applying the relevant topics of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and activity analysis to the OT treatment process to make treatment creation easier in the OT process! 

Where: Asynchronous Online Learning Platform

Host: Buffalo Occupational Therapy will be organizing and delivering the program, Michelle Eliason, MS, OTR/L, CKTS will be teaching!

What you receive: (1) The Manual (2) The Workbook (3) The Companion Guide (4) Access to the online learning modules to help guide you through the materials. (5) Ability to ask questions throughout the year and have them be answered via audio or video on the FAQs page.


Functional Anatomy OT Workshop 2021 - Buffalo NY

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