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Welcome to The Bridge Online through Buffalo Occupational Therapy!

Much of the content you will find in these modules is included in ‘The Manual’ for the course, but has also been written in the module for your convenience.

If you feel unfamiliar with how the information you learned in anatomy and physiology classes relates to occupational therapy, I would recommend that you go in order! Follow the modules while having ‘The Manual’ and ‘The Workbook’ with you. It is also recommended that you have an anatomy book close by! Having a book for reference of muscles origins, insertions, and functions will always help when envisioning working with your clients.

Keep track of your questions by writing them down in e-mail!

Take your time, do outside research to substantiate the course work! This is a broad overview of material so that you have a ‘jumping off’ point for your own in-depth search and independent learning!

Watch the Welcome Video and get started!

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