Request from Michelle

Thank you for being a part of the BOT Portal. Whether you have been with us for years or are just new to the Connect Membership through the BOT Portal – I am thankful for you and you matter to me. 

I am one person with an amazing team (whom I trust greatly). Although this mentorship experience is self-guided and self-paced, I  want this to be a smooth and supportive process. 

This is absolutely a mentorship process that has not been done before – so welcome to pioneering! 

I would love to introduce you to the world as well so that all can share in your excitement and the investment you made into your professional future. 

I am looking forward to changing the perception of OT with you. See you soon! 



Introduction Form

This announcement can potentially go in an instagram story/post , but will definitely go in the closed facebook community of other practitioners.
If you desire to take advantage of the self-paced mentorship program, I will personally be printing this form for you (including your picture) and putting it into my mentorship book so that I can support you. You are a name and not a number. Please explain why you sought out BOT, what you are hoping to gain, and how you need to be served in this moment.