Who can join BOT Open Learning Labs

  • Those interested in going to school for occupational therapy but wanting more information
  • Students of occupational therapy (OT and OTA)
  • New Grads
  • New Practitioners (OT and OTA)
  • Practitioners looking to switch settings from pediatrics to adult rehabilitation and needing some refreshers

 Do you fit into any of these categories?

Benefits of Joining BOT Open Labs

BOT Open Labs - Hands on Experience

Hands-ON Experience

Being comfortable touching other people, performing manual manipulation and modalities, engaging in therapeutic use of self are crucial tools for occupational therapy practitioners! Practicing NDT, massage, transfers, range of motion, movement patterns to decrease tone, and providing active assist during various treatments are fundamental to occupational therapy practice.

BOT Open Labs - Play Out Case Studies

Play Out Case Studies

Let’s face it – thinking ‘off the cuff’ takes practice! Making competent and sound treatments plans at the drop a hat – an ART FORM! At BOT Open Labs you will have the opportunity to run through actual case studies and create treatment plans! Feeling self-conscious? Practice makes perfect! We have all been there! Come in and play out scenarios — feedback is freely given! (if you want it 🙂 

BOT Open Labs - Get Comfortable with Occupational Therapy Tools

Get Comfortable with Occupational Therapy Tools

Every ‘clinical’ setting you visit will have some basic tools and equipment. What does an occupational therapy clinic look like? How can an OT practitioner (OT/OTA) provide the most meaningful, efficient, productive, and functional treatments with the most practical pieces of equipment? After all, everything we do should be easily replicated in someone’s every day life…right?! Come on in, play with our equipment, write out uses for the equipment, and get comfortable!!! Be read to shatter ‘the box’ you have put OT in for so long! 

BOT LABS - Practice what you are Learning

Practice What You Are Learning in School

Do not put off practicing because you think fieldwork or direct patient care is too far in the future! You learn best by doing! Sure you can teach yourself by yourself….or you can come to BOT Open Learning Labs, have practitioners helping and guiding you while taking time to practice in learn in an actual clinical studio designed specifically for occupational therapy services!!! So grab your friends, your class notes, and your notebooks and come learn in the BOT studio! 

BOT Open Labs - Guidance and Mentorship

Guidance and Mentorship

You learn a lot in school from amazing professors! You even learn a ton from your fieldwork supervisors, but what about….the other stuff? Believe me, there is a lot of other stuff! What does that ‘other stuff’ look like? If you are seeking guidance, mentorship, extra training, and more insight into the full scope of occupational therapy practice — you won’t want to miss open labs. We are here for you, to meet you where you are at, and to help feel more comfortable with what you know and what you are learning!

What’s in the future for 2020-21 BOT Open Labs?

  • Guest speakers from patients and other practitioners
  • CE classes for practitioners
  • Tutoring
  • ‘Class Re-Take’ : Mini classes on content widely difficult to learn in the classroom setting

 Interested in working with BOT Open Labs this Year? 

Buffalo-Based Occupational Therapy Programs

  • Discount offered if 10+ students are enrolled in the 6-month or Annual membership programs 
  • Accountability if student receives independent study credit-hours for attending open labs on an annual basis 

 Are you an OT or OTA program looking to send you students to BOT Open Labs?

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