About Buffalo Occupational Therapy

Buffalo Occupational Therapy is the in-house therapy services offered by Aging with Purpose LLC. Buffalo Occupational Therapy is an outpatient based occupational therapy clinic for adults specializing in geriatric occupational therapy, Dementia and Alzheimer’s management, alternative pain management, productive aging, and aging in place.

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Buffalo Occupational Therapy is an entity of Aging with Purpose LLC - CLICK HERE for Aging with Purpose LLC

Buffalo Occupational Therapy is a rehabilitation practice created to help the baby boomer and silent generation remain in their homes throughout the aging process and avoid unnecessary institutionalization within the long term industry. Aging with Purpose created Buffalo Occupational Therapy to promote the maintenance of one’s quality of life throughout the aging process despite acquired physical deficits, memory deficits, chronic pain, and ailments.

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Independent Senior Living Collaborative

Western New York’s premier collaboration between senior apartments and therapy. Occupational therapists work in long term care facilities and nursing homes evaluating and designing programs and interventions to prevent physical and mental declines to maintain all current functions. Early intervention is key!! Occupational therapy is now in the community practicing the same function in order to keep people out of these facilities!

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Productive Aging Specialists

As its name suggests, an occupational therapist is completely set apart in the healthcare field as a specialist in assessing Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activites of Daily Living (IADLs) performing detail-oriented activity analysis, and using extensive knowledge of the human body to create an intervention. 

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